Name of the project “Overcoming the limitations of the border through friendly neighborly relations”

General objectives:
Establishing traditions and long-term cultural collaboration, between foundation “Phoenix – 21 century” - Vidin and the Timok Club, by directing joint efforts for development of a bilateral cultural exchange and using all elements of culture as universal tools for cross-border partnership and friendship.

Specific objectives:
- Exchanging information and relevant experience in the cultural sphere and establishing a sustainable network for collaboration between organizations experienced in the cultural sphere;
- Getting to know the neighbor and establishing friendly neighbor relations by means of recreation of traditional customs of the two nations, exchange visits, learning each other’s dances, folklore, legends and history;
- Creating conditions for stimulating creativity and artistic expressions – stimulating artistic activities of the youths;
- Creating multiple prerequisites and opportunities for sustainable development of the future cultural relations and contacts through the establishment of the cross-border council on cross-border cultural policy between the partner organizations.

We want to:
1. form a functional joint Expert Council for intensifying the cross border cultural exchange
2. make a Study of traditional customs, festivals and culinary recipes from two cross border region - characteristics, similarities and differences.
3. celebrate together our  holidays
4. conduct on-line folklore competition
5. raise capacity of stakeholders, through trainings on topics: heritage and cultural traditions, develop joint cultural events, realization of joint projects in Vidin and Knjaževac;
6. organize a round table on topics "Cultural and historical heritage and tradition in the border regions";
7. promote project

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