Foundation “Phoenix – 21 century”
                City Vidin, compl. “Vida”, block 1, sec. B, fl. 8
                Tel./Fax.: + 359 94 621-035
                Mobile: + 359 889 74 88 31

Foundation “Phoenix – 21 century” is a NGO which has been established in 07.12.2007 in city of Vidin with the purpose of developing, implementing and managing  European projects and providing consultations in the following fields:Development, implementation and management of local, regional and international projects. The Phoenix team develops and manages projects in various fields: education and training, tourism, culture, environment, agriculture business, etc. Phoenix works in close cooperation with organizations from Bulgaria and Europe: SMEs, municipalities, non-government and non-profit organizations.
Projects in which “Phoenix – 21 century” has been a leading organization or a partner for the period 2008-2010 are:

Project “Partners for pure and green Vidin”. This project has been co–financed by the Charles Stewart Mott foundation and Foundation “Environmental partnership” by programme “Place to live 2008”. The project partners under this project are Municipality of Vidin and “The Vidin bridge” newspaper. The purpose of the project is solving problems related to improving living conditions in urban and natural environment. The project included local initiatives to ennoblement of the urban environment – cleaning and repair of open-air kindergarten and playgrounds, cleaning, forestation and shaping of places for recreation and others, conducted of seminars and round tables with subject “Protection and preservation of the environment.

Project “Development of e-newspaper ‘The three ethnics’” is financed by Center for Educational Integration of Children and students from ethnic minorities (TSOIDUEM). The leading organization by project is “St. Cyril and Methodius” school of Novo selo. Foundation “Phoenix – 21 century” is a partner. The purposes of the project are:
- Guaranteeing the right of equal access to quality education for children from ethnic minorities
- Creation of prerequisites for successful socialization of children and young people from ethnic minorities
- Projects concerning the implementation of curricular and extracurricular activities to preserve and develop the cultural identity of children and pupils from ethnic minorities

Since august 2011 till 2013, “Phoenix – 21 century” has implemented “MILLA- Migrant Language Learning at the Work” project, financed by sectoral programme “Grundtvig” of Programme Lifelong Learning.

Since December 2011 till January 2014, “Phoenix – 21 century” has implemented project "Youths for European Future for Vidin", financed under National center “European Youth Programmes & Initiatives” of Bulgarian Ministry of Education, Youth & Science. The idea of the project is establishment of Youth information and consultancy center in city of Vidin. The main objective of this project is to create a sustainable mechanism to provide affordable and quality information, consultancy and training services for young people in Vidin. YICC will be space for supporting of young people and providing a conditions for personal development and realization.

Since December 2014 till December2014, “Phoenix – 21 century” has implemented project "Preserve for us, Youth teaches Adults”, Ref.  No 2007CB16IPO006-2011-2-76, financed under second call Bulgaria – Serbia IPA Cross-border Programme. The project aims to implement a substantial joint public awarenees campaign in the districts Bor (cities Bor, Kladovo, Majdanpek, Negotin, R.Serbia) & Vidin (cities Vidin, Bregovo, Kula, Belogradchik, R. Bulgaria) for developing a nature-friendly behavior & a protective attitude towards environment & bio-diversity among adults & adults communities population.

                   Trg Oslobodjena 1, Knjaževac, district of  Zajecar,
Republic of Serbia
                   Telephone:  +381 19 730 002
                    Fax: +381 19 734 177

About us
The Timok club is a non-profit and non-political citizens’ association founded in 1997 in Knjazevac.
The Timok club goal is the promotion of ecologically safe, social and economical development of the Timok Region.

What we do?
Until now there have been realized more then 60 different projects with more than 20.000 beneficiaries from 12 countries. The Timok club has been very active in strengthening democratic institutions and political transformation process in Serbia. During our recent activities, the Timok Club became leader within the Eastern Serbia on promotion of local partnership among government, business and civil society.

The Timok club currently has 7 employees , 12 active volunteers and 46 members. It has a fully equipped offices and a Team of coaches who has implemented in recent years trainings for more than 1,400 people and Timok consulting network consisted of consultants from around the Timok region.

The Timok club is a member of:
- South East Development Network board,
- "Alliance for Balkan Cooperation", NGOs from Romania, Bulgaria, Macedonia and i Serbia
- PREPARE, "European network for rural development"
- RIVER SEE network,
- FENS Federation of non governmental organizations of Serbia

The Timok club was a member of:
- Advisory board of NGOs engaged by Republic of Serbia for making of Poverty Reduction Strategy
- Unit for monitoring, evaluating and supporting FSI progamms
- National coordination team of Serbian NGOs for GOTV campaign – elections 2000, the only NGO that was not from Belgrade
- Trilateral board Euro region "Danube XXI".

Printed publications
- ”Comparative analysis of social services regulation in Serbia, Bulgaria and other EU member states”
- Booklet “The process of deinstitutionalization and decentralization of social services and the role of civil society organizations as initiator and provider. The Bulgarian experience”
- „Working Together“
- „Economic Analysis of Knjazevac Municipality“
- “Economic Analysis of Paracin Municipality“
- „What do we have to know about European Union”
- „Project cycle management”
- „Guide trough small business”
- „Guide for NGO funding from municipality and town budgets“
- “Green Agenda Knjazevac”
- More that 50 project developed for starting small business and more that 25 feasibility studies

More that 60 project implemented trough three programs determined by strategic plan (socio-humanitarian, development and cross border program):

- Anti-xenophobic, anti-racism and anti minority and handicap discrimination campaign
- Partners for social societies
- Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper for the Republic of Serbia –PRSP
- Revealing the hidden poverty
- Knjazevac’s wide open hart
- Monitoring and evaluation of SIF projects
- Unit for monitoring and support of MRSP projects
- Drug leads to death
- Step towards the trough
- Promoting pluralism by the strengthening of NGOs and civil society in Serbia
- Participative research of children poverty in Serbia

- Business Incubator Center
- Small business support in East Serbia
- Promoting pluralism by the strengthening of NGOs and civil society in Serbia
- Timok regional development Center
- Partnership for development
- Local authorities educational program
- NGO resource center
- Volunteer Center
- Not to be late
- Timok network
- House of partnership
- Tourist informative center
- Participate in recycling keep the environment
- Green Agenda in Serbia
- Training for training courses for youth

 Cross border:
- Old mountain-new bridges
- Balkan cross border forum
- Balkan Civic Coalition
- East Serbia close to Europe
- Regional integration trough volunteer exchange in Southeast Europe

Strengthening of democratic process in Serbia:
- Get to know your rights I& II
- Young have their rights? I and II
- Knjaževac Open School - KOŠ
- Save your vote
- GOTV (Get out and vote) campaign
- Citizens watching municipality budget
- Young politicians education I and II
- Education of democratic strength in Serbia
- Serbia in EU, what do I have, and what does Knjazevac have from it?
- Ethical codex promotion for representatives of local government in central Serbia

Our sources of funding:
- European Union, managed by the Delegation of the European Union to the Republic of Serbia
- ISC, Institute fro Sustainable Communities
- USAID, US Agency for International Development, USA
- DAI –Development Alternatives
- DFID, Department for International Development, UK
- Charles Stewart MOTT Foundation, USA
- EAR, European Agency for Reconstruction
- GMF, General Marshal Fund, USA
- UNDP, United Nations Development Program
- OSCE, Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe
- CIDA, Canadian International Development Agency -Canada,
- Freedom House, USA,
- CHF, Community Habitat Finance, USA,
- Holland embassy, Beograd
- Westminster Foundation for Democracy (UK),
- Open Society Fund, Beograd, Budapest,
- CRS, Catholic Relief Service USA
- IOCC, International Orthodox Christian Charities, IOCC, USA,
- ECHO, European Commission Humanitarian Organization
- UNHCHR, United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights
- The Know How Fund, UK,
- IDEE, Institute for Democracy in Eastern Europe USA,